Invest to save – LED lighting for Underpasses in Milton Keynes

In Milton Keynes, Ark Lighting were been commissioned to design and develop a lighting solution for use in local subways that will save energy and will reduce carbon and maintenance requirements. We developed a solution that will replace T5 and T8 Fluorescent tubes, 2D Fluorescent bulkheads and 70w SON Bulkhead fittings with retro fit LED products. These custom designed LED products are easy and quick to place, reducing maintenance costs significantly, energy consumption and carbon emissions buy 65%*.

Further benefits for Milton Keynes will include:

  1. Lifetime savings of £1.8m*.
  2. Annual savings of £145k*.
  3. Annual Carbon savings of 65% (329,000kg)*.
  4. Annual maintenance savings of £82*k.
  5. Payback of only 14 months*.

Steve Lain, Interim Street Lighting Manager comments, “It was refreshing to work with Ark Lighting to find an energy saving solution for our pedestrian subway lighting installations. We needed a company with experience and above all solutions to be able to deliver the level of energy savings that will see the capital cost repaid in under 5 years. Working with our term contractor, Ark had the right products including the production of a special tray that would replace the existing light tray and gear with a simple to install LED light tray along with other LED tubes that will transform Milton Keynes for years ahead”.