The Solis Pole

The Solis Pole is the most innovative, elegant design for solar capture available. Suitable as a cost effective sustainable solution for remote locations the Solis Pole offers a variety of customised applications. Highly innovative Photovoltaic Cells (patent No.551271) are incorporated into the frame of the pole and mounted vertically giving the Solis the most efficient solar capture.

The Solar panels charge maintenance free batteries that are cleverly encased within the sleek frame. The frame then becomes the mounting platform for a range of solutions; an LED light ring, A Vehicle Activated Signal (VAS), advertising and signage. Energy efficiency is enhanced by an award winning Energy Management Controller that allows optimal solar conversion to power, when combined with LED technology, the system also offers optimal lighting all year round.

Innovative Design

The Solis Pole is the first solar powered application to embed solar panels vertically into the structure. Offering a more aesthetically pleasing appearance along with state of the art technology in solar capture and LED illumination, the Solis pole will compete with many conventional mains powered applications.

Energy Management Controller

A sophisticated and comprehensive Energy Management Controller hidden within the Solis Pole optimises the power captured and continually monitors the battery condition to ensure year round reliable operation.

PIR and Energy Saving

A PIR can be incorporated into the light ring to detect either pedestrians or vehicles and then activate to the appropriate light levels. A sophisticated microprocessor controlled energy saving unit in turn ensures that functionality is reliable all year round.

Cost Savings

The Solis Pole is an off grid application that requires no trenching, cabling or grid connection and traffic disruption is minimised. There are No annual utility bills or maintenance costs. The cost savings from installation of the Solis Pole are significant.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Applications can be customised
  • Stylish modern design
  • No mains connection
  • Easy installation
  • No utility bills
  • High reliability and long life


Solis Light Ring – suitable for Pedestrian areas, steps paths gardens, car parks, cycle ways and remote locations.
Vehicle Activated Signal (VAS)
Signage illumination

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