Standard Lighting Columns

Galvanised Steel Street Lighting Columns range from stepped tubular, octagonal and conical are manufactured and designed in accordance with the European Standard EN40 and are galvanised to BS EN 1461:2009 and a painted finish is optional.

Stepped Tubular Columns are available from 3m to 18m these columns are manufactured from 2 differing diameter tubes, with the base section being swaged and welded to the shaft. The design of the swaged joint is such that the shaft is supported internally by a heavy duty washer which is welded to both base and shaft sections to create a strong intermediary joint a full range of bracket arm options are available and can be supplied with either a planted root or flangeplated versions and with either an overlapping or flush fitting door.

Octagonal Lighting Columns tapering sheet steel lighting columns for mounting heights from 3.5 to 18m, these are available in planted root or flange plated versions along with a large variety of bracket arm options.

Conical Lighting Columns are available in mounting heights from 4m to 12m and are available with a range of bracket arms options and as planted root or flange plate options and can be supplied with either an overlapping or flush fitting door.

Columns are usually supplied with a single access door (double are  available) and fitted with an M8 Brass Earth Set and a non-hygroscopic backboard onto which the fuse cut out or control gear can be fitted.