A spherical luminaire with an effective light distribution for large area amenity applications.

The Sphere Lantern is designed with elegance in mind, this sleek lamp will set you out from the crowd and with full IP65 housing, easy access to lamp, and an effective control of overspil, this makes it an excellent product for applications such as shopping precints, retail parks, and car parks plus many more.

  • Clear polycarbonate sphere with coated upper canopy for effective control of upward light. (Black).
  • LED Light source available
  • Optional 180 degree spill shield available for effective control of overspill.
  • Optics and control gear sealed to IP65.
  • Easy access to lamp and gear via removing bowl.
  • Integral control gear.
  • Factory fitted photocell option.
  • Post top mounting (76mm).
  • Typical mounting height of 5m to 6m.


  • Shopping precinct.
  • Retail parks.
  • Car parks.
  • Residential.
  • Parks & Gardens.