Amorphous silicon photovoltaic panels (fastened onto the removable assembly modules in monobloc aluminium extrusion). This technology undergoes only slight variations in functioning due to outside temperatures, with a guaranteed recovery point of 80% after 20 years. Also functions in environments with little sun by reflected illumination

  • A luminaire from the RAGNI range of your choice integrating a high performance LED technology from 10 to 30 volts or a compact 12v fluorescent lamp for more traditional use at reduced cost and shortened lifespan.
  • Pole structure manufactured in mechanically welded galvanised steel (according to EN40 recommendations).
  • Removable assembly modules in monobloc extrusion cast aluminium for maintenance and access to batteries.
  • Integrated batteries.
  • The RAGNI-SOLAR load control is integrated into the luminaire, providing steered management and control of all vital organs, enabling optimisation while increasing the lifespan of all components.
  • Factory programming (or on site) of the load controller with a self-powered communication tool, ref. FVEC03.
  • Detection cell using passive infrared motion sensors (PIR) for optimising use.
  • Delivered pre-wired and ready to use.
  • Colours of your choice