A subtle blend of softness and strength.

The Pulse is the archetype of the luminaire of tomorrow. Its design is a subtle blend of softness and strenght, which makes it ideal for the most contemporary locations. With carefully measured force, its lines draw a sleek silhouette which creats an unlimited comforting sensation. The luminaire Pulse is a persuasive proposal in both its concept and its evocation.

Powerful yet delicate, the Pulse is highly innovative. Thanks to the smart combination of its gentle lines and a genuine charisma, it artfully reconciles practicality and creativity. It’s uniqueness is increased by the black screen printing which enhance the LED plates. Flowing and supple, its curves lend sobriety without sacrificing a certain stylishness which confirms the top of the range standard to the luminaire.

The Pulse benefits from a high performance LED technology (up to 3 plates of 21 LEDs each), developed and optimized by RAGNI and its partners. The distance in between two Pulses is reduced by the high performances of lighting of the product. The Pulse embodies RAGNI’s know-how, clearly borne out by its results. Paired with lighting management and a presence detector (optional), its technical qualities are further enhanced, making it an impressive lighting tool which combines lighting efficiency with energy savings.

The delicacy of curves, discreet lateral grooves, an organic appearance… The Pulse calls on all our senses. Give free rein to your imagination.