When design is inspired by nature…
Innovation abounds in this new concept. Imagine a light source that consumes little energy, that is less traditional and which looks like a tree, the natural luminaire. The Margo has been developed as an alternative to the highly controversial post mounted globe.
Ideal for your energy saving and environmentally friendly projects. The Margo range is compact and slim, blending elegance with a variety of colours. Provide better illumination while consuming less energy, the savings made will help improve your installations.
The materials and manufacturing processes used minimise costs for immediate replacement. This product can be equipped with the latest in intelligent lighting technologies (occupancy detectors, timer, power reduction, etc.).

Choose Margo because it:
– replaces existing products but uses the same electric connections; so no need for additional connection accessories
– will blend with all ambient styles due to its design and modular capabilities
– is a modular distribution luminaire, thanks to its various petal configurations its LED light source guarantees energy savings and durability.