LED Internally Illuminated Road Signs

Our range of internally illuminated LED traffic sign are available in all DFT standard sign faces that appear on the UK roads up to 1200mm. Our unique technology utilises patented Light Guide Panel technology to illuminate evenly accross the sign face eliminating those dark area’s which are seen on almost every existing road sign on the UK streets. Our signs are also designed to have minimal visual impact on the environment but maximum effect on driver awareness through their slim design, less than 15mm deep. All of the signs are supplied with a Di-bond back in black (other colours can be specified) and are fitted with standard sign channel for ease of mounting.

Sizes currently available

Circlular signs

270mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm and 900mm

Order Code: sign size ->( _ _ _ RSC / _ _ _ )<- Sign Face numerical code

Triangular signs

600mm, 750mm and 900mm

Order Code: sign size ->( _ _ _ RST / _ _ _ )<- Sign Face numerical code

Rectangular signs

300 x 475mm (e.g one way) & 650 x 475 (e.g 960.2)

Order Code: sign size, frst 2 digits of each side length ->( _ _ _ _ RSR / _ _ _ )<- Sign Face numerical code i.e. for the 960.2 it would be 6547RSR/9602

Our signs can also be encorporated into our Stainless steel hooped bollard, follow this link for details.