Milton Keynes Underpass (Invest To Save LED Underpass Project)

Milton Keynes Council wanted to upgrade the lighting for a series of underpasses in the area. As feedback indicated that pedestrians, cyclists etc felt unsafe using them meant that it was important to promote a safe environment and reduce energy costs where possible.  The legacy lighting systems had been in place for many years and was not well favoured by Council members and people within the local community.

Ark Lighting were asked to come up with a design solution to promote safety and reduce energy. As you will see from the images below, prior to the work done by Ark Lighting, the area was poorly lit. The project achieved all of the Councils’




After the project was completed, the lighting was much brighter and achieved significant savings for the Council.






What We Wanted To Achieve 

It was important for Ark Lighting to achieve a design solution that met the following objectives:

  • Energy efficient
  • Utilised green technology
  • Generated savings for the Council
  • Achieved stronger illumination than the current lighting
  • Help the Council reduce their carbon footprint

How We Achieved It 

Ark Lighting developed a solution that will replaced the current T5 and T8 Fluorescent tubes, 2D Fluorescent bulkheads and 70w SON Bulkhead fittings with retro fit LED products. These custom designed LED products were easy and quick to place, reducing maintenance costs significantly, energy consumption and carbon emissions buy 65%*.

Benefits to Milton Keynes Council included:

1) – Lifetime savings of £1.8m.

2) – Annual savings of £145k.

3) – Annual Carbon savings of 65% (329,000kg).

4) – Annual maintenance savings of £82k.

5) – Payback of only 14 months.


Steve Lain, Interim Street Lighting Manager for Milton Keynes Council commented, “It was refreshing to work with Ark Lighting to find an energy saving solution for our pedestrian subway lighting installations. We needed a company with experience and above all solutions to be able to deliver the level of energy savings that will see the capital cost repaid in under 5 years. Working with our term contractor, Ark had the right products including the production of a special tray that would replace the existing light tray and gear with a simple to install LED light tray along with other LED tubes that will transform Milton Keynes for years ahead”. 

Materials Used:

Bespoke LED retro fit product manufactured by Ark Lighting.

Clients Involved:

Milton Keynes Council.

Contractors Involved:

Aylesbury Mains.

Suppliers Involved:

Ark Lighting.

Designers Involved:

Ark Lighting.

Overall Scheme Cost: £285k