Doncaster – Mallard Sculpture: illuminated with LR1 LED Lighting Modules

Ark Lighting were approached by Doncaster Council to provide a low voltage solution to illuminate their latest sculpture in the City. The Mallard structure was commissioned by the council to feature as a land mark harking back to their rich locomotive history and give visitors to Doncaster something to remember.

We selected the LR1 Low Voltage LED Modules because of the wide selection of Optics. Due to the height of the structure (4.5m) we selected the Type IV optic with its long forward throw and elongated distribution which ensured an even illumination over the face of the structure. Six modules were fitted into a bespoke stainless steel housing  meaning a total power consumption of just 180 watts.

Key Points:

  • Even Illumination
  • Low Voltage Installation
  • Low Energy Installation
  • Bespoke Vandal resistant stainless steel module housing