High Mast LED Lighting

Project: High Mast LED Lighting solution for Associated British Ports (ABP)

Sensitivity: The dock area by the ship moorings are very dangerous places and the safety of users is of paramount importance to ABP. Lighting is provided to ensure safe operation throughout the docks 24/7 operating hours. However, a balance between offering enough light for safe operation and environmental considerations and saving energy and reducing carbon needs to be met and therefore a lighting control system was required to switch between ABP’s pre-determined safe lighting levels. A lighting level of 20lux Average and 5lux minimum (with 10 lux on the quay edge) was assigned as the safe ‘operating/working level’ and 5lux average and 1lux minimum was assigned as the ‘security level’ (which could only be used in areas with no activity).

Solution: Ark Lighting used the latest LED technology in its Arrow Floodlight range with dimmable control gear and designed a bespoke control system to allow the lighting levels to be dimmed or ramped up between the two levels. The system activates automatically each night by photocell control to the dimmed state and then ramps up to the working level within seconds via a localised switch at the base of each mast which all operatives have been trained to use.

Result: The first project was a success and has been used in 5 new locations around the docks.