Funding by Ark Lighting

With over 60 years combined experience, Ark Lighting and Clear Asset can offer the most efficient lighting products combined with funding making the investment at the minimum cost neutral in the first 3-7 years with huge savings generated after that period.

If you would like to benefit from tomorrows technology today, funding provided by Ark Lighting can enable you to do this in an affordable way. Using our funding makes technology and other equipment more affordable for your company/authority – even if you have sufficient capital resources, it can often be more beneficial to use ou funding leaving your capital to fund business growth.

Spread the costs
Paying cash outright for capital assets can be a significant drain on your companies working capital. With asset finance you will ease your cash flow through regular payments over an agreed period. Lighting projects of £5,000 and over can often be financed via leasing.

Tax efficient
Our funding is highly tax efficient and is 100% allowable against each payment. This can increase your savings even further. 

Conserve working capital
Cash remains king in all economic conditions. Preserving your working capital will enable you to invest in things that provide you with a greater return than purchasing equipment.

Easy upgrades
Our funding plans enable you to get the technology you need now while upgrade options will protect you from equipment becoming obsolete or outdated.

Total solution funding
We can also include software, installation and other services in the arrangement.

Fast decisions
Decisions can be made within a few hours and documentation emailed for your signature so you can quickly be using the new equipment you need.

Improved return on investment
Funding over time allows you to ‘Save as you go’, so you achieve a faster return on your investment.