Sleaford – Leasingingham: SOLIS Solar footpath lighting


The new footpath was opened in September 2012 and had the primary purpose of making the A17 safe to cross between Leasingham and Sleaford.

The clients involved wanted to develop the footpath between the 2 towns to make it safer and more enticing to use. Their intention was to promote travelling between the towns and to encourage more people to opt for walking or cycling instead of transport. Cyclists, walkers and wheelchair users will benefit from having a traffic free path.

The creation of the footpath was the result of a five year long campaign led by the community. The community group comprised of residents, town, parish, district and county council and the sustainable transport charity: Sustrans.

The footpath was to be open for use throughout the year.

What We Wanted To Achieve

It was important for Ark Lighting to achieve a design solution that met the following objectives:

  • Energy efficient
  • Utilised green technology
  • Allowed the footpath to be illuminated between dusk and darkness
  • Lighting design must suit aesthetic requirements
  • Positioning the lighting so that it guided users along the footpath
  • Included an illuminated notice board for travellers

How We Achieved It

When asked to deliver a design solution it was very important for Ark Lighting to work in collaboration with the client. Ark Lighting considered different green, energy efficient solutions and agreed that solar powered lighting would be the best option as it would help the client reduce ongoing costs and their carbon footprint.

Ark Lighting designed a solar powered column with LED light ring that included a person detection system. This meant that energy was only used when required and not wasted when not needed. The solar powered community notice board was also designed to illuminate posts on the notice board using the energy generated from the sun.


Development of the footpath between Sleaford and Leasingham has been a community-led project that has taken many years to come to fruition.

The lighting and notice board solution implemented by Ark Lighting have really made a difference to the footpath and how it is used.

Pedestrians and cyclists can use the footpath at any time of day and night and the lighting helps them to feel safe and secure whilst also guides them along the route of the footpath. The solar powered notice board also helps the community share news and other important information. Both the notice board and lighting are solar powered so require no electricity so help us to reduce our carbon footprint. We would not hesitate in recommending Ark Lighting” Rowan Smith, Area Highways Manager at Sleaford Council

Materials Used:

Ark Lighting Solar powered column with LED light ring & person detection system & solar powered community notice board.

Clients Involved:

The partners are Lincolnshire County Council Highways, North Kesteven District Council, Sustrans and The Sustrans Connect2 Leasingham to Sleaford Steering Group (which included Leasingham Parish Council members and Sleaford Town Council members).

Contractors Involved:

Ark Lighting (contract and product supplier).

Suppliers Involved:

Ark Lighting

Designers Involved:

Ark Lighting

Overall Scheme Cost: tbc


Images below show the lighting and notice board once erected. Prior to this, the space was completely empty.

sleaford-1 sleaford-2