Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the standard planting depths for rooted columns?


  • 5m Column* – 800mm
  • 6m Column* – 1000mm
  • 8m Column* – 1200mm
  • 10m Column* – 1500mm

*measurement of column out of ground

Q. What fuse ratings are required for HID lamps?


  • 70w require 6amps
  • 100w require 6amps
  • 150w require 6amps
  • 250w require 10amps
  • 400w require 16amps

Q. Can the lights be operated with a sensor?

A. We can offer various solutions as follows:

  • ‘dusk to dawn’ or ‘part night photocell
  • Time clock
  • Movement sensor (not suitable for use with HID light sources)

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