Sunnypark solar bollards

This autonomous lighting product is a very special creation of ours, miniaturised for all types of applications, urban integration, lighting on an isolated path, temporary lighting (construction sites or special events), camping or other uses. Easy to install, placing the panel during installation for optimising energy accumulation is simple.

SUNNYPARK TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS – Heavy duty monocrystalline photovoltaic panel with manufacturer’s guaranteed operation of 20 years

  • LED illumination source 600 lumens (estimated lifespan: 50,000 hrs*).
  • 2 detection cells using passive infrared motion sensors (PIR) provide increased detection radius
  • A RAGNI-SOLAR 2 load control with steered management and control of all vital organs enables optimisation while increasing life expectancy of all components
  • Factory programming (or on site) of the load controller with a self-powered communication tool, (ref. FVEC03).
  • 2 leak-proof and maintenance-free solar batteries (for an optimised lifetime).
  • Thermo lacquered RAL, FUTURA colours or wood finish.

*Manufacturer’s information