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Milton Keynes Underpass (Invest To Save LED Underpass Project)

Milton Keynes Council wanted to upgrade the lighting for a series of underpasses in the area. As feedback indicated that pedestrians, cyclists etc felt unsafe using them meant that it was important to promote a safe environment and reduce energy costs where possible.  The legacy lighting systems had been in place for many years and…

Dore – Contemporary Lighting pole

With its sober design and innovative functionality, the Dore model plays the ace of effectiveness. Its rectilinear silhouette unites a setting or melts into parks, squares or courtyards. Benefiting from efficient technology, this lamp-post will light up an avenue, boulevard or pedestrian street. Amidst aesthetic modern surroundings, the Dore model offers a new vision of urban lighting.

Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial LED Lighting – COSMO – IP rated Linear LED fixtures for industrial and commercial applications. COSMO was selected over traditional fluorescent lighting to save the company 70% in energy! CLICK the image for product information